Monday, 16 June 2014

Backlog Building Up

Sunday was another let down weather wise with a dull damp morning with rain at times followed by a drier but equally dull afternoon.
We had planned to get a little bit of tilling done on the plot and our newly installed coldframe planted up with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers but the weather put that on hold. We've quite a backlog building up now of “stuff” that’s ready for planting out but hasn't a home in cultivated ground ready for it.
Various varieties of tomatoes hanging on but need to find a home soon.
Lettuce (red salad bowl and little gem) with cucumbers (burpless tasty green) awaiting a spot
Latest sowing of annuals ready for moving on into the plot
Sweet corn and sunflowers wait in the cold frame for their move to the plot.
I reckon that I've got to get some ground sorted out for this backlog this week or the plants will really start to suffer from becoming pot bound. I do need the weather to cooperate a bit better though.


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