Monday, 2 June 2014

Crocus Snatcher

June was off to a wonderful start with a day of long sunny spell and a temperature up to 24.3°C. I wonder how long it will last?

We had left a pot of crocuses to do their own thing after flowering. The pot was left by the bird bath for the plants to die back naturally and hopefully go on to produce a good display next spring. However, over the last week or so something had been rooting the bulbs out of the pot scattering the compost everywhere. The blackbirds got the blame for this. Our assumption was that the birds were tugging at the drying leaves for nesting material and uprooting the bulbs. Then the crocus snatcher made an appearance on Sunday.
A look of “what me - never?” didn’t convince us of its innocence. The squirrel soon moved into the Magnolia tree to check out the bird feeders.

It couldn't find a way to get to the “squirrel proof” feeder full off sunflower hearts and the favourite of our goldfinches. However, it had more luck on the peanut holder sampling a few nuts before moving off through the magnolia tree and having a face to face with a young blackbird. 


  1. Excellent photos, they are quite clever at winkling out little yummy things aren't they?

    1. They certainly are. I don't think it was its first visit to the garden. It seemed to have a good idea of what it wanted but not too pleased it was spotted.


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