Monday, 9 June 2014

Felled Before Its Prime

Sunday finished up becoming the  warmest day of the month as the temperature managed 24.5°C in the afternoon. 
It wasn’t wall to wall sunshine with plenty of clouds about and it tried to rain around teatime but that didn't amount to anything.
We had a busy day in the garden getting cucumbers and tomatoes planted into their final positions as well as sowing more French beans, sweet Williams and wallflowers.

The sunny one day and rainy the next scenario makes keeping the plants in the greenhouse watered correctly a bit tricky. They can easily finish up standing in water or ending up on the dry side depending upon the weather conditions after watering. Our aubergines in the greenhouse were a little on the dry side but it didn't stop one being felled by a snail eating through the stem of the plant. 
I had an inspection of all the slug and snail hiding places under pots and around the edges of the capillary matting but couldn't find the culprit. How did it know that this was by best aubergine plant. I’m on the lookout now.


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