Thursday, 26 June 2014

Hanging On

The forecast change in the weather doesn't seem to have arrived yet. Wednesday was mostly dull and cloudy but it remained dry and mild.

I eventually made up my mind and decided to spray our potatoes with Bordeaux Mixture in an attempt to stop any more potatoes succumbing to blight. When I'd finished some of our potato leaves had taken on a blueish tinge. If this treatment is to have any effect it needs to be repeated every two to three weeks.

The rest of the couple of hours I spent harvesting. Despite the lack of sunshine it was still a pleasant afternoon for mooching about on the plot picking strawberries and tayberries.
We're trying to decide the strawberry varieties for our new bed which will be planted up next spring. We'd almost dismissed Amelia as it hadn’t done too well in the last couple of years. This year it’s done much better as though making a last ditch effort to show us its worth. Three lovely punnets of strawberries, which tasted superb, have got us thinking again.

Our bought in brassica plug plants have not only grown well but as if by magic they are managing to mature in nice succession. We're down to our last couple of “Duncan” cabbages as the calabrese “Marathon” is ready to harvest.
The rate that the heads are growing we might have to freeze some calabrese.

My most strenuous job of the afternoon was to dig a few more leafless “Winston” potatoes. My leisurely afternoon on the plot turned out pretty productive. 


  1. glad to see you are at least getting some potatoes in spite of the blight

    1. It's still spreading though. I noticed another plotholder had the first signs on some potatoes when I visited today. We still have plants with no signs at all and some without any leaves. Just hoping for some sort of crop.

  2. Well, it looks as if any deficiencies in the Potato Department have been adequately made up for in the Strawberry Department!

    1. I'm still hoping that the potato department won't be too deficient Mark.


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