Saturday, 28 June 2014

A Good Decision

Friday certainly brought about a change in the weather. Gone were the lovely warm conditions of the last few weeks replaced with cooler, cloudy, wet weather. It drizzled with rain for most of the day before “proper” rain set in by the middle of the afternoon. The temperature only managed to reach 13.6°C making it the second coldest June day in the last five years. The record is held by 03 June 2012 with just 9.6°C. The rainfall total amounted to 9.6mm by the end of the day.
Whilst we were down on the plot on Thursday afternoon, we decided that our garlic and over wintering onions had done all the growing that they were going to do. In the fine weather of the last few weeks the onions and garlic had dried off nicely and we thought it would be a shame for them to get a soaking in the rain if it arrived as forecast for Friday so they were all lifted and brought back home to be stored in the dry.
It turned out to be a good idea as they'd certainly have finished up wet and needing some more fine weather to dry them off.


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