Saturday, 14 June 2014

What Happened to the Sunshine?

Thursday’s sunshine didn’t last into Friday which was a cloudy, warm and muggy sort of day. There was the threat of a thunderstorm all evening as thunder rumbled away in the distance but avoided us and it remained dry for a third day in a row.
I managed to erect our old aluminium cold frame down on the plot. Although I put all the old nuts and bolts in a container as I removed them at home I still ended up a couple short down on the plot. Funny that and I haven’t any idea how it happened but fortunately I had a couple of spare nuts and bolts in my toolbox which finished the job nicely. I now need to sort some sort of roofing out to give the tomato and pepper plants which will be planted out in the cold frame a bit of extra protection.


  1. A really good size cold frame, no doubt it'll be very useful at the plot. Funny about the nuts and bolts, that kind of thing always happens to me too, no matter how careful I am.

    1. And I had one nut and bolt that just wouldn't undo. Manage to get the two pieces of coldframe into the car still connected.


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