Thursday, 12 June 2014

Coldframe Courtyard - Construction Phase 2

According to the forecast the weather is set fair for a few days and Wednesday was a lovely warm day with plenty of sunny spells.

Like all good construction projects our coldframe courtyard has more than one phase and I thought it was about time I got started on phase two. If you want to catch up on phase one Sue posted about our new coldframes here.

Phase two will involve moving our old aluminium cold frame down to the plot and after rearranging the layout of the path and a good tidy up the area will be covered with bark chippings. This will make way for our new Woodblocx raised bed.
Our new coldframes are already in full swing as plants are moved in a never ending procession out of the greenhouse into one of the cold frames before their final move to the allotment. This part of the coldframe courtyard is now looking neat and tidy but that’s only half the story.
This is the area in phase two. Our coldframe has been overrun by thuggish plants from our neighbours’ gardens. The coldframe was extracted from the vegetation with some difficulty before it was dismantled ready for its trip to the plot. It’s amazing how many more pot holes there seems to be in the roads once the car is loaded up with panes of glass. Fortunately they were transported the four miles without any breakages. 
Once the coldframe was out of the way all the vegetation was chopped up and loaded into the green waste recycling bin. 
There’s still allot of work to do cutting back more vegetation and clearing rubbish away. This little corner of the garden had become a bit of a waste collection area. At least I've made a start and with the weather set fair for a few days I'm hoping things will soon start to look much better.

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  1. You've made a good start on it, I shall look forward to seeing the transformation. No doubt you will make a beautiful job of it.


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