Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Aarg - Warning Garden Centre Visit

Monday was back to dull and cloudy and feeling coldish in what breeze there was but at least we didn't have any rain throughout the day.

We paid a visit to Victoria Garden Centre. Having planted up our shallots on Sunday we decided some extra sets were required as a little top up. We also wanted to buy some Bordeaux Mixture to try to combat the Peach Leaf Curl which devastated the tree last spring and early summer.
We also added to our cut flower collection with a packet of mixed gladioli and Dahlias - Mary Eveline, Edge of Joy, Sunshine and Bishop of Llandaff. As for shallots the garden centre had three varieties we didn't have so to simplify matters we bought a packet of each - Jermor, Yellow Moon and Picasso. There’s only 10 bulbs in each packet so we’ll easily be able to find room for them.

If you remember one of our early iris flowers on Kathleen Hodgkin never quite made it into full flower due to the wind and rain. It just goes to show how crucial flower timing is and plants can easily get it wrong.
This little cluster have timed it just about spot on giving us a super little early display.


  1. They can make it very easy to part with money.

  2. Your self-discipline and willpower never cease to amaze me Sue! If I had a bigger garden, I'd probably be the same. Bishop of Llandaff is one I must get. I have admired it in many gardens.

    1. Sue's will power and self discipline never ceases to amaze me either Mark. I just made some suggestions about what to buy and strangely enough Sue agreed with me!


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