Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A Very Convenient “Act of God”

I should have known that by actually writing a blog post saying that the temperature hadn't reached double figures this month would result in a temperature of 11.4°C on Tuesday. After a nice sunny morning it turned dull and cloudy in the afternoon but the rain held off too to give us our third dry day of the month.
You may remember that after last week’s storm part of our neighbours roof finished up on my car. Mine and my neighbours response was that the cost of repairing the damage to my car would be covered under his house insurance policy. What neither of us appreciated at the time was that this was an “Act of God” and not covered by insurance. Don’t you just love insurance companies they have a get out clause for everything. I'm not entirely clear what constitutes the “Act of God”. Is it the gale force winds alone? Does it mean if the wind blows the roof off your house this isn't covered by insurance? Is it the pure mischief that the damaged roof was blown onto my car? Why is wind damage an “Act of God” yet apparently “biblical” amounts of rainfall aren't? Any explanations?


  1. What a shame Sue these company's will try to get away with saying this just not to pay I thing I will Google it later and late you know what it tells me

    1. Already Googled it. Doesn't make for happy reading.


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