Monday, 24 February 2014

Two Dry Days in a Row!!

Sunday was dull, mild and for the second day in a row we didn't have any rain. That wasn't at all in line with the weather forecast which was for rain for most of the day. Amazingly it’s the first time we've had two dry days in a row since 10th and 11th December last year.

After setting our potatoes to chit in the greenhouse I made the most of the warm afternoon to get some more onion sets into modules for growing on before they are set out on the plot. I managed to find space for a couple of modules of Stuttgarter but I'm now a bit stuck until I can finish the repairs to the greenhouse roof. I've no more greenhouse space left guaranteed not to get wet when it rains.
We've now got two modules planted up with Stuttgarter together with a module each of Red Karmen, Rumba and Sturon. My aim is to plant two modules of each variety. These will hopefully produce our main onion crop with the remainder of the sets closely planted out to produce a crop of smaller onions. 


  1. I never really know what type or variety of vegetable I plant! ;) You must good in knowing what you plant! It's been 2 months without rain here....

    1. For the last 3 months we've been lucky to get two days in a row without any rain. You'd be welcome to some of our rain .... if only it could be arranged!


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