Saturday, 15 February 2014

Another Wet and Windy Afternoon

Friday morning wasn't too bad, well at least in was dry, but that only lasted to around lunchtime when it began to rain again. Another 8.4mm of rain today took us up to 53.8mm, above 47.8mm our expected rainfall for the month, and and we’re only just over half way through the month.
As you can see from the table it’s rained most days but without any excessive daily amounts. None of these days gets into the Ossett top 30 wettest days in the last four years. To get into 30th position more than 13.0mm is required and to get to top spot it has to beat 06 July 2012 with 39.2mm.

The real problems have been caused by the gale force winds which seem to have battered us nearly every day. I think that damage can be caused by continuously strong winds as well as one off extreme gusts.
This is my own little chart for keeping track of windy weather. It tracks how many gusts have been recorded by my anemometer. With a couple of weeks still to go this month it is already the windiest February I've recorded. The forecast does seem to be suggesting more settled weather is on the way so perhaps the January 2012 record may not be broken.

On a brighter note my quest to capture some decent images of our female blackbirds goes on in our brighter spells of weather.
This one was just having a bath sprucing herself up for Valentines Day. Out of interest I saw Hoppy and a female blackbird sitting close up on a branch and they weren't squabbling so I wonder if Hoppy has managed to pull.

Copyright: Original post from A Gardener's Weather Diary author M Garrett


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