Friday, 21 February 2014

Spring Like - But?

Thursday was almost spring like with the warmest day of the year reaching 12.3°C with some sunny spells thrown in. It was spoilt by lots of showers throughout the afternoon.
I'm not sure the frequency of the showers shows up on the chart, they seemed to be every few minutes but very light and very short just enough to wet the ground.

As it wasn't too bad outside I made a start on tidying the inside of the greenhouse ready for the start of the sowing and planting season. Lurking under pots, were a few guests that needed to be removed before they had chance to do any damage.
At least I managed to remove all last seasons old tomato growing compost and spread it onto the garden as a mulch. Left in the greenhouse, the compost had dried out over winter but I'm assuming, now it’s outside, it will soon be damp enough and that the worms will do a decent job of incorporating it into the border.
In the afternoon sunshine our snowdrops were in full flower.


  1. Fantastic snowdrop photo. Glad you've dispatched those slugs.

    1. I had loads of photos that focused on the tree branches above before I managed to get one to focus on the snowdrops. Good job it was digital and not that old fashioned film stuff.

  2. Huh, slugs over there quite different from ours...


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