Saturday, 1 February 2014

A Wet End

Thursday produced only our third dry day of the year but it couldn't last and Friday was a cold, wet and cloudy day with the temperature hovering around the  3°C mark through the morning before becoming a little bit milder in the afternoon as the rain arrived.
Without doubt the weather for January has been dominated by the amount of rainfall. We've had about double our anticipated rainfall for the month but others would appear to have had even more. 
This is how the final rainfall chart for January finished up with 81.2mm of rainfall. It’s not the wettest month we've experienced in the last three years and it’s not that unusual for us to have in excess of 80mm of rainfall in a month.

January has also been a mild month. It’s achieved that by maintaining a very consistent temperature range throughout the month rather than producing any particularly high temperatures.
At 5.6°C it’s a little bit above what might be expected. So far this winter we haven’t had a cold snap but obviously there is still time. Take a glance at the averages temperatures for February and March last year to see how late that cold snap can strike.

Finally considering all our weather arriving with depressions from the Atlantic we've done surprising well at avoiding any prolonged gale force winds.
Certainly we've had some days with strong to gale force winds but they haven’t battered us for long and as January’s go it’s not been too bad.

The forecast for early February seems to be more of the same. Some drier brighter weather would be good as we head towards the start of the gardening season.


  1. Yep, still waiting for a dry spell here. So much to do outside.

    1. A little bit of sun too or am I just been greedy?

  2. Hi CJ
    Replied earlier but found this strange timed out message on Blogger. Don't know what anyone else sees.

    Wouldn't it be nice to have some sunshine with the dry spell too!


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