Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Missed Out

We were busy decorating last week and I must admit to keeping only a cursory eye over my weather records. It was only over the weekend that I spotted that I’d almost missed an all time low for my weather station. At 18:30 on Saturday 8th February the barometric pressure fell to 963.1Mb taking over from 967.7Mb set on 8th November 2010 as the lowest its recorded.
At the time the weather didn't do anything very spectacular, it didn't pour down with rain and the wind wasn't particularly strong.

Monday morning was a bit unusual for this winter as we had a proper frost with the temperature below freezing down to -1.1°C.
It was at its coldest at 08:00 and I should have managed a photograph of the frost on the grass or ice on the bird bath but our plan was to get the decorating at my sister in laws finished today so it was a quick get away on Monday morning.

As it happens Monday turned out a lovely sunny February day with some sunshine and very light winds. It felt pleasant in the afternoon sunshine as we visited the recycling centre with our decorating rubbish.

Pity the forecast for the rest of the week isn't for more of the same. Instead more wind and rain on the way with the possibility of some light snow showers.  


  1. Oh... we pray for a bit of rain here..... been without rain for 2 weeks already.

    1. Shame we can't send you a few of our showers. I don't think we'd miss them!

  2. You're on a decorating roll! Hope it's all finished now, I'm sure you'll be glad when it is.

    1. I wish I could say it was but there's a few finishing touches still required here and there. Still it's not like I can do anything outside.


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