Thursday, 30 January 2014

Another Rainy Day

We didn't spot any exciting birds in the garden today as Wednesday turned out to be yet another wet and miserable day. Once again it wasn't that we had a large amount of rain but it was cold and damp all day. The day’s rainfall amounted to 2.8mm bringing our monthly total to 73.8mm approaching double the long term average rainfall.
So far this month we've had measurable rainfall every day apart from the 10th and 17th. The forecast for Thursday is for a cold, dry, and cloudy day so perhaps this might be our third dry day of the year. The forecast for Friday is more rain. Perhaps February might be a bit drier.


  1. A dry day here today! I'd forgotten what they're like.

    1. It managed to stay dry here all day. It was definitely on the chilly side though.


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