Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Camera Shoot Out!

Tuesday was another lovely January day but after a good day out yesterday it was a case of getting on with a few other jobs today.

I managed to sort out our seed orders with Thompson and Morgan and Plants of Distinction to complete our main seed orders. I'm sure we’ll add a few more items on our various visits to garden centres. The seed list has been added to our web site and can be viewed here.

On our last visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s nature reserve at Potteric Carr we had a bit of a shoot out between our two cameras with them set on maximum zoom settings. There’s quite a bit involved in getting a good 1200mm zoom shot not least of which is holding the camera steady but for the record all these shots were hand held and didn't involve using a tripod.
 Just to set the scene there wasn't a lot to see from this hide but at the far side of the lake is a marker post to give an indication of the water level. I've circled it in red. The challenge, who could get the best close up shot of the marker. At least it wouldn't fly away so an easier first test.

We moved on further around the reserve and watching from another hide we spotted what we thought might be a little egret. It needs a zoom lens or telescope to even identify the bird correctly.
This is the standard wide angle lens shot from the hide looking over to one of the small island in the lake where the little egret was preening. 

None of the above photographs have been digitally edited they are as downloaded from the camera apart from the red marker added in Adobe Photoshop Elements. They have been resized from the large 5.76Mb original zoomed image to a more manageable web image of 80kB.

The images could be “tweaked” to improve them further in a suitable photo editing package.


  1. It's interesting to see the different cameras side by side. I'm looking forward to getting my seed order, which should be here in the next couple of weeks. My local garden centre has seeds on Buy One Get One Free at the moment as well, so I will probably have a look round there at some stage too.

    1. Our seeds from Kings through the allotment group are around half price - sort of buy one get one free I suppose.

      Can't wait to get seed sowing but need to resist the temptation.


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