Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Something Different

After a cold and frosty start Monday was a lovely winter’s day.
We’d decided on something different though for this week and have started redecorating the dining room and study. Today was wallpaper removal day. After lots of steaming and scraping most but not all the wallpaper has been removed. 
We've got the trickiest bits left to do in the study. I say tricky because we have to remove the wallpaper from behind both our computer desks. In my case that means the live transfer of weather data and computer will have to be put on hold whilst all the electrics are turned off, wiring moved out of the way and computer moved so the wallpaper can be steamed off. 

We had one little mishap today when the web cam that captures my weather station view up the path towards the greenhouse fell of its windowsill. I don’t know whether or not it showed a strange image on my live weather data stream or not last night. When it is dark outside the camera picks up reflections in the window and at the moment there are no curtains to draw to prevent this.

Fortunately my weather station will still hold all the weather data in its memory until it is reconnected to my computer so the stored data can be downloaded to keep my records as accurate as possible.

Computing will be a bit hit and miss this week.


  1. Good luck with the decorating!

    1. Thanks. No computer running just now. Paper nearly all removed then at least things will start to move forward.

  2. O look, your webcam on the side bar is showing the same picture you put in the post.
    Sorry, I find that great, simple things please simple minds they say.


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