Sunday, 12 January 2014

First Harvest of 2014

The forecast for Saturday was for a nice sunny but rather cool day which it turned out to be, although the sunshine was rather limited. We’d decided on a visit to the plot if the forecast was anything like correct as we needed to pick some vegetables.

As the weather was pretty good I decided I would winter wash the fruit trees. It’s a job that needs doing in the winter months when there are no leaves on the trees, ideally in January and again in February. The idea is to attempt to kill of any over wintering bugs.
Winter wash mixed, I began spraying but the job didn't go very smoothly and after about 10 minutes a blockage in the sprayer stopped it working altogether. My hands were getting a little bit cold by this time and I didn't fancy having to clean out the nozzle of the sprayer under freezing cold water so I decided to put the job on hold and get on harvesting some vegetables.

It wasn't a bad harvest for the beginning of January with carrots, parsnips, beetroot, leeks, cabbage and Brussels sprouts completing our first harvest of the year. Full details of our harvest are can be found here and these pages will be updated through the growing and harvesting season.

Overnight Saturday into Sunday morning produced the coldest night of 2014 and the lowest temperature of winter so far with a low of minus 2.1°C.


  1. A great harvest, I do find it very inspirational to visit your blog! It was cold here last night too, and it went from sun to frost in about an hour, it was quite remarkable.

    1. Cold all day here CJ, just above freezing but it's raining now and warming up a little bit. Didn't get the winter wash finished.


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