Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Down by the Canal

Monday was better than forecast or we just did well at avoiding any showers that were around. 

As we are looking after Tivvy for a couple of days we took her for a walk by the canal (Aire and Calder Navigation) in Woodlesford.

Walking along the canal towpath and it’s hard to image that it’s just a couple of miles away from Leeds City Centre. The canal is used by a small amount of commercial traffic and plenty of leisure craft. This is one of the areas that will be affected by the proposed High Speed Rail link to Leeds.
This area won’t be quite the same with a high speed railway running along the river and canal corridor into Leeds. See HS2 Preferred Route to Leeds. At this point the new line runs between the river and canal through the area to the left of the timber fence.
With the rain we've had over the last couple of months the river Aire itself was certainly running fairly full and it’s likely that the weekend rainfall which fell high up in the river’s catchment area has still to arrive and top up the flow. In another life I've had a few dealings with bridges over the river Aire and know first hand just what problems high river levels bring. 
This family of swans were a bit put out that we hadn't taken any food along for them. They’re obviously used to been fed by the regular walkers and the owners of the pleasure crafts moored close by.


  1. Lovely photos Martyn, that's a lot of water in that river, and as you say, much more to come.

    1. Pictures would have been better if we'd remembered to take a camera. Had to use my mobile as a last resort. So far we seem to have avoided any flooding.


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