Thursday, 2 January 2014

A Wet Start

The new year got off to a wet start on Wednesday with rain on and off all day.
It was dull and cold all morning, one of those days where you think it’s never going to get light. Then as the rain started at lunchtime it got a bit brighter and a little milder too. We ventured out to the B&Q sale in the afternoon for some decorating stuff. It was against my better judgement as I'm not a good shopper when it’s very crowded. I needn't have worried we had the shop almost to ourselves. I've seen it much busier on normal days.

Back home I thought it was time to test out my pie baking skills again and convert some of last summer’s frozen fruit into more pies. I had some greengages and plums already prepared.
The pies themselves turned out looking fine but I've got to try to find a way to make the filling much less runny. It’s more a like having some pastry and pie filling than a slice of pie. I don’t particularly fancy using flour or cornflour as I'm guessing at best it’s going to make the filling look odd even if it does do a little thickening up. Looks like some Internet research is going to be required. Does anybody have a favourite thickener for their fruit pie fillings?


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