Saturday, 4 January 2014

A Bit Surreal

Friday didn't turn out too bad but, after some morning sunshine, showers carefully spaced through the afternoon stopped any outdoor plans. The days rain amounted to 3.4mm.
It’s all a bit odd weather wise as the newspapers and television news stories are all about the exceptionally stormy weather that Britain is experiencing at the moment. The thing is we've been very lucky so far and aren't really experiencing anything very different from what we might expect in December and early January. Yes we've had some strong winds but that’s what we often get in winter with depressions coming in off the Atlantic Ocean. As we don’t live near the coast, we aren't ever going to be affected by tidal storm surges and as yet we haven’t had any abnormal amounts of rain, in fact we've had less rainfall than we might expect. Will our luck hold out?

After our trip to RSPB Old Moor on Thursday, on Friday it was back to snapping birds from the comfort of the study window. This collared dove was making the most of some afternoon sunshine from the safety of our magnolia tree.


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