Saturday, 25 January 2014

Decorator’s Weekly

It’s been a week of decorating so far and it’s not finished yet. The weekend should see us completing the job though. I've not ventured outside too much this week but we've had a bit of a mixed bag. Unusually for this year we had a couple of cold frosty mornings, some sunny periods and some more rain.

We had a quick shopping trip at lunchtime Friday, after all you still need to eat when decorating, and Sue spotted this iris ‘Kathleen Hodgkin’ almost on flower in a sheltered spot in the front garden. I took its photo and thought about a quick blog to say, due to the mild winter so far, how early into flower it was going to be.
Since having had a look at last year’s pictures of ‘Kathleen Hodgkin’ I'm now not sure there’s going to be that much difference in the flowering dates.
I haven’t any pictures of her in bud last year but I doubt it will be 10 days before she’s fully into flower. So perhaps a little earlier than last year but not by much. Strange how the mind can play funny tricks. I didn't think it would take so long to decorate the lounge and study either!


  1. Yes I've had the same experience (not the decorating one though, ho ho!) when I checked out last years pictures of primroses and flowering cherries. Pretty much the same dates as last year!
    Weather really filthy today now rain has set in, so shopping - not gardening.

    1. I find taking a photo is the easiest way of keeping records of what happened and when. Saturday morning was nice and sunny then wet and windy. Raining Sunday morning and forecast to rain for most of the day.

  2. What a beautiful iris, I hope it doesn't get flattened in the rain. It was torrential here earlier today.

    1. It did get flattened by the heavy rain on Saturday afternoon before the flowers had opened. It might recover once it stops raining.


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