Saturday, 18 June 2011

What a disappointment

Friday was going to be the day our drought problems were put to rest. The rain would start around lunch time and continue all day and into Saturday morning. After some sunny spells in the morning it clouded over we waited for it to start raining. And we waited…. The link on the main 18:00 BBC news to the weather man was “when is it going to stop raining”. Problem was it hadn't started here. The wait went on and on and the rain just never arrived. All we had to show for what the forecast reckoned would be a rainy day was 0.2mm which fell around 22:00.

I’d hoped that our watering down on the plot would be over and that we would be able to get some planting done without having to first fill planting holes with water. That doesn't look as though it will be the case. 
 We did manage some rain in the early hours of Saturday morning amounting to 2.4mm. As you can see from the picture this doesn’t even manage to dampen around the plants leaving a dry shadow to one side of even a small plant.


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