Friday, 24 June 2011

Caught one

We managed to catch one of those heavy showers that everyone else is getting all the time, or so it seems, on Thursday. Most of the rain fell in a short burst mid-afternoon followed by a few more light showers adding up to 3.8mm. 

This continues a rather amazing sequence of rainfall. It’s rained on 12 of the last 14 days yet we’ve only managed 27.2mm around half the monthly rainfall expected in June.

I think our broad beans will be ready for picking by the weekend. I tested one pod and the beans inside were extremely small. Don’t want the beans to get large and tough so a tasting will be required over the weekend.


  1. Boy, it certainly has been a strange year weather wise. I am happy to hear that you finally got some rain. We had some much needed rain last night too.

  2. We could still do with some more rain to help our potato crop. Our forecast is summer for the next couple of days before returning to our pattern of unsettled weather.


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