Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A hot coincidence and a Battle of Britain fly past

Monday was even hotter than yesterday reaching 31.6°C in the early afternoon. On the same date in June last year we recorded our highest temperature of the year and by coincidence it looks like that will be repeated this year. Locally it was the hottest day since 2006 as it’s not often we manage 30°C or above. I've shown yesterday’s temperature chart for posterity.

As we were preparing for our BBQ on Sunday we were treated to a Battle of Britain fly past.

I’m not an expert on second world war aircraft but I think one was a Spitfire and the other one a Hurricane, but that’s just a guess. The film is short and wobbly as I didn’t really have time to sort out my camera. It was a case of run for the camera, turn it on, point and hope for the best.


  1. Well I did spot the red arrows on the horizon for a split second on Sunday. You did well to capture those planes on camera.

    28? We touched 20 perhaps, in Edinburgh!

  2. I thought I'd just filmed some blue sky. I was quite surprised to find some aircraft actually in shot.

    We're over the heatwave now and back to normal. Not sure we needed 30°C with our very dry conditions. I guess you've probably had more rain than us too as well as the cooler weather.


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