Thursday, 9 June 2011

A thunder shower

We managed a couple of showers on Wednesday. One in particular at lunch time was short and spectacular. Thunder and lighting was accompanied by heavy rain. The peak rain intensity was 39.4mm/hr and 2.8mm fell in the shower which by my calculations means it lasted about 4 minutes.
Thunder storm moves off

It would have been nice for it to have lasted a little longer but I suppose every little helps. I think it was a fairly localised shower so it could be that our plot which is a few miles away got more or worse still less rain.

The lack of rainfall has meant much less slug damage to our hosta leaves than normal. It’s good not to have lots of holey leaves and to assist I haven’t given the plants very much water. Gardening always seems to be a set of compromises.
Hosta leaves after shower

By the end of Wednesday our rainfall for the day was 4.0mm which at least left the soil looking damp on top although I don’t think it will have penetrated far into the ground. The forecast for the next few days is for the showery weather to continue. There is little sign of the blazing June as highlighted in the press a few weeks ago.


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