Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Out of the blue

Tuesday was a warm and sunny summer day with just some wispy clouds in an otherwise clear blue sky. The temperature reached 23.4°C the highest since the 3rd June. It’s a day out of the blue as the forecast is for duller, cooler and more showery weather to arrive for the rest of the week and into the week end.
Wispy clouds
The plot is at last starting to fill up. Some areas are beginning to take on the bountiful look of that short season of plenty. It seems that the worst of our drought might well be over as more showers and rain are forecast in the next few days which will benefit our crops and save on watering.
Look of summer
Other parts of the plot are still in drought mode. Despite the recent rain the soil is still very dry and recently planted crops like these sweet peas and squashes are still struggling to find moisture rather than putting on a growth spurt which is expected in June with warm days and daylight of almost 17 hours a day.
Still in drought mode


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