Saturday, 4 June 2011

Highest temperature of the year

Friday saw the highest temperature of the year just topping yesterday's figure to reach 25.1°C. I deliberately haven't termed it warmest day as Thursday's average temperature was slightly higher.
Cloudless sky
As it was such a pleasant day we did some gardening at home. During one of our many breaks for drinks we spotted a bullfinch visiting our bird table. This is the first bullfinch we've seen in our garden but it was only a fleeting visit and neither of us had a camera at the ready. It was a male and a very striking visitor. This is one photographed at RSPB Low Moor earlier in the year.
Male bullfinch
I also potted up some tomatoes and peppers in our "air pot" experiment. I saw these pots on BBC's Beechgrove Garden the other week and decided to give them a try following there successful trial in the programme last year. 
10 litre air pot
Click here for the link to the programme fact sheet describing how these air pots work to produce healthier and stronger plants.


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