Sunday, 12 June 2011

Cold nights

At least it was warmer through the day on Saturday but we are having a series of particularly cold nights for June. Overnight temperatures for the last couple of nights were 5.7°C and 5.2°C and last night Saturday night into Sunday morning the temperature fell to just 4.7°C. All 3 nights are colder than any June night time temperatures from last year.
Minimum temperature 4.7°C

On the plot we planted out runner beans, sweet corn, squash and courgettes. I’m not sure these tender crops will appreciate such cold nights. Our runner beans were planted in holes which had been filled with water and then after planting given a drink to settle them in.
The far wigwam is Enorma, then Painted Lady with Lady Di in the foreground.

Sweet corn variety Sweet Nugget was planted in the same bed as our courgettes, All Green Bush and Jemmer. The ground is bone dry and all the planting holes were first filled with water to give the transplants a fighting chance in this prolonged dry spell of weather.

Our crop of plot greenhouse tomatoes are growing well and looking much better than last year’s crop. Some of the plants are just coming into flower which they never got round to doing last year. Next job will be start feeding them.


  1. They weren't cold nights! We had a proper COLD night last Saturday :

  2. You certainly had it colder than us gnman. I'm finding it difficult to tell if some plants are suffering from drought or cold. I did spot a prediction for the cold nights with frost in places but thought it must be wrong.


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