Saturday, 11 June 2011

Cool and damp

Friday was rather miserable only brightening up in the evening to give a bright cool end to the day. Most of the day was damp rather than wet as we had a couple of short light showers together with some drizzle at times. Once again the rain will have no affect on the garden as the amount was just 0.4mm.

Early evening was the best part of the day

It wasn't particularly warm either with the temperature just about managing to reach a maximum of 14°C. Last year we were just beginning the best part of summer as it was common for the day time temperatures to exceed 20°C each day. That’s not expected to happen this year.
The average temperature for Friday was just 10.3°C making it the coldest day since May 13th.

Runner bean plants ready for transplanting

These runner beans are in desperate need of planting out as they are really starting to out grow their small modular cells. That’s going to be tomorrow’s job down on the plot along with some sweet corn, courgettes and squash plants. No doubt there will be some weeding to do and then there'll be plenty of watering to do. 


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