Saturday, 28 April 2018

More Rain But Is There Worse To Come?

I mentioned in Friday's post that I'd checked out three beds at the allotment and that they were all far too soggy to be dug over. To make matters worse we had another 7.8mm (0.31in) of rainfall through Friday bringing this months total up to 81.8mm (3.22in)well over double the amount of rainfall expected in April. This comes on top of the wettest March I've recorded when we had 104.0mm(4.09in) of rainfall or around two and a half times our average March rainfall.
Temperature & Rainfall Records 01 May 2017 to 28 April 2018
As if we hadn't had enough rain this month the weather models are predicting torrential rain in places on Monday. The various models are all interpreting the outcome in different ways and changing their prediction each time they run which they do several times a day.
This is how one of the weather models see the position of the heavy rainfall on Monday morning at 09:00. We are on the northern boundary of this rainfall. I'm hoping that we may be very lucky and miss the worst of this heavy rain but if we don't then our already saturated soil is going to get even soggier. We might have to consider some different planting techniques as it may take a considerable amount of time for our soil to dry out enough to be dug over and for sowing and planting to continue.
Longer term there is the prospect of some drier weather over the early May Bank Holiday so fingers crossed we miss the worst of Monday's rain and we get some warmer and drier conditions later next week.

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