Sunday, 22 April 2018

Plum Blossom and a New Record

Well, what a month April is turning out to be. At the beginning of the month it was very cold, followed by a wet spell and then over the last few days, it's turned exceptionally hot for April. 
Temperature & Rainfall Records for April 2018
I do mean hot rather than warm or mild. Thursday, 19 April 2018 was exceptional for mid to late April with the temperature here reaching 28.8°C or 83.8°F. Suggestions were that it was the hottest April day in the UK for 70 years. I don't know about the rest of the UK but it certainly smashed my April records although they do only go back over the last 9 years. Not only was it the hottest April day I've recorded it crept into my list of top twenty hottest days overall since I started keeping records..
We had a couple of days away in Norfolk visiting Pensthorpe Nature Reserve and the North Norfolk Railway. After our days out we decided it was time to visit the allotment. We hoped the bed for this year's main potato crop would have dried out enough to be dug over. When we got to the allotment we had a lovely surprise.
When we left the plot last Tuesday none of our plum blossom was out, but on Saturday all the trees had decided to flower at the same time. I can't remember them all being in blossom at the same time before and for all the trees to have so much blossom.
Once we'd finished photographing the fruit trees, we got on with planting our main crop potatoes. The ground had dried out nicely and once it was dug over and the bed covered with weed control fabric we had enough time to get our main crop potatoes planted.
Obviously, this lovely but exceptional April weather can't last and this week is due to cool down with some more wet weather in the forecast. It's been lovely while it lasted though.


  1. Nature is playing catch up - and you have leapfrogged me on the potato planting programme!

  2. Thank you for sharing Martyn lovely post have a blessed week both of you


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