Saturday, 7 April 2018

At Last Some Improvement

Finally, we've got some improvement in the weather. Temperatures have recovered to about what we can expect for early April and we've had some decent sunny periods. Wednesday was showery and so another 2.8mm (o.11in) of rainfall brought our monthly total up to 35.8mm (1.41in) or around average for the whole of April.
Temperature & Rainfall Records 04-06 April 2018
We spent Friday afternoon at the allotment. After all the rain I thought the ground would be too wet to cultivate but I did consider planting our early potatoes in a bed that's already prepared for them. In the end I decided to tidy out the plot greenhouse which tends to be taken over as a storage space over winter. Environmesh and canes are stored inside to give them some protection from the worst of the winter weather so some sorting out was needed.
The remaining "stuff" stored in the greenhouse will hopefully be moving out over the next few weeks. The boxes containing our overwintering chrysanthemum plants will soon be moved out. The roots are now producing some tiny green shoots and once these have grown on a little bit they will be planted outside. This year we are considering allocating them a bed of their own. The large roll of environmesh is used to cover our carrots as soon as they are sown which should be before the end of the month. Underneath the environmesh are the canes which will be used for our runner beans and climbing French beans so these too will be moved out of the greenhouse in time for summer tomato plants to move in.

We even managed to do a little bit of harvesting before leaving the plot.
There are some firsts and lasts amongst the harvest. The daffodils are our first cut flowers of the season and the parsnips are definitely our last as all the crop has now been cleared. The purple sprouting broccoli and spring onions are both first and last with both crops producing a very disappointing harvest. We certainly have a few more leeks to dig up and maybe some more Brussels sprouts to pick. 

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  1. Lovely harvest and update Martyn blessing to you and Sue


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