Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Things Are Looking Up

Over the weekend and into the first part of this week the weather has certainly taken a turn for the better. Temperatures are now more normal for the middle of April rather than well below as they were for most of last week. Monday was our new warmest day of the year reaching 17.3°C (63.1°F).
Temperature & Rainfall Records for April 2018
The next few days are forecast to be even warmer and rain free so I'm hoping that one or two beds on the allotment will dry out enough to be dug over. Our maincrop potatoes are still chitting away in the greenhouse as it's been too wet to get them planted.
We did have an afternoon at the allotment on Monday. The grass paths got their first strim of the year and I managed to get around most of the edges too. A couple of more beds had their covering of weed control fabric removed to allow them to hopefully dry out ready to be dug over. Where a few weeds were removed from the edges of some beds it was clear that the ground was too wet to be dug. Sue dug up the last of this year's leeks and reported that they were growing in mud, more confirmation that the ground would be better left for a few days to dry out before being dug over.
The plot still appears to be very bare even though it's the middle of April. If it wasn't for our fruit trees and bushes together with bulbs and a few perennial plants there would be nothing to see apart from bare earth. Over the next few weeks given some decent weather the plot should start to "green up".

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  1. Lovely update thank you for sharing Martyn things are slowly improving here in Holme Hale Norfolk blessing to you all


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