Monday, 23 April 2018

Back to Normal

The good weather couldn't last and Monday morning has seen a return to more normal April weather. Sunday started off warm but it cooled down through the morning with a little bit of rain over lunchtime.
Temperature Records for April 2018
The combination of a very cold March followed by more cold and wet conditions at the start of April has put our gardening schedule behind. Now the mad dash to catch up is on. This meant sowing lots of seeds on Sunday. Some seeds needing a bit of warmth have been put under the indoor growlight and others like brassicas left in the greenhouse to germinate. The full list of sowings is in the table below.
List of Seeds Sown on Sunday, 22 April 2018
Our early brassicas, broad beans and sweet peas were growing slowly in the greenhouse through the cold spell of weather but over the last week they've grown quickly and the broad beans and brassicas need planting out fairly urgently of they'll spoil.
Early Brassicas - Cabbage (Regency), Cauliflower (Helsinki) and Calabrese (Aquiles)
Broad Beans - Witkeim Manitor
Some of our sweet peas have grown well enough to need the tops pinching out and moving out of the greenhouse and into the cold frame.

Strangely some sweet peas sown at the same time are only just starting to germinate. It looks like we will be busy at the allotment weather permitting.

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  1. Lovely update thank you for sharing and nice to see things coming along nicely now Martyn blessing to you both


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