Tuesday, 2 January 2018

New Year's Day Harvesting

The weather for the first day of the new year wasn't too bad. We needed some fresh vegetables and a little bit of fresh air so we decided on a trip to the allotment.
We decided to harvest some vegetables before starting to do any tidying up jobs. It was just as well we did as it started to drizzle heavily by mid afternoon. By this time we'd managed to harvest some decent fresh vegetables.
Parsnips - Gladiator
Brussels Sprouts - Crispus
Before the rain came Sue started digging out one of our clumps of rhubarb which has become over run with wick grass and I did a little more clearing work on a bed on plot 30 which had been neglected for a couple of years.

There's a video below showing the crops we have to harvest on the plot as the new year begins.


  1. Thanks for the tour, Martyn. You have not done at all bad for a winter's harvest! Your swedes are about the same as mine but with the exception of carrots you are, as ever, streets ahead!

    1. Sue has a good theory that our carrots were grown too near to our compost heaps and hence more slugs than normal.


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