Friday, 19 January 2018

Lucky Again With The Weather

We’ve had a real mixed bag of weather over the last few days. The storm forecast for Wednesday night into Thursday morning never really happened or more to the point the weather never changed that much as the storm passed through.
Temperature, Pressure and Hi Wind Speed Records 16-18 January 2018
Temperature, Wind Chill and Rainfall Records 16-18 January 2018
As you can see from my weather station readings it’s been a wet and windy few days in any case and the arrival of the storm made very little difference except for a rather sudden rise and fall in the temperature. It's interesting to see how that sudden temperature change and associated strong winds coincided with a fall in barometric pressure as the storm centre passed through. Rainfall since Monday this week has so far amounted to 27.2mm (1.07in) giving us one of the wettest spells for quite some time. It might be a bit too wet to get any more winter digging done at the allotment.

Whilst some places have had moderately heavy snowfalls we’ve had almost none. We had a couple of millimetres on Tuesday evening which was enough to bring the motorway to a standstill near us. Our journey from Rothwell to Ossett was a bit of a record breaker with an average speed of 13mph even though nearly all the journey is on the motorway.
M1 Motorway Southbound Near Leeds 16 January 2018
Not much snow I'm sure you'll agree but it seemed to bring the motorway to all but a standstill.

The forecast is for the weather to stay cold through the weekend with the possibility of more snow showers on Sunday. After that it's forecast to get a little bit milder.


  1. I wonder why it is that you don't get much of your precipitation as snow as do the surrounding areas. Is it because your area is flat and windy?

    1. I think there are several reasons for us avoiding the recent snowfalls.

      We sit to the east of the Pennine Ridge so any rain coming from the west often falls mostly there rather than on us.

      I think the weather models are very poor at predicting where snow will fall. Marginally different weather parameters mean a change between rain, sleet and snow.

      More snow showers are forecast for Sunday but we are on the very edge of the predicted snowfall so we'll probable escape again. It's forecast to be milder next week so any snow shouldn't hang about for too long.


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