Saturday, 6 January 2018

Connection Issues

It's been a fairly average start to the new year with dull, wet and windy weather the order of the day.
Temperature & Rainfall Records 01-06 January 2018
On Thursday evening my computer did one of those magical Windows updates. Since then my weather station seems very reluctant to connect to the Internet. I constantly receive a message informing me of an Internet connection failure.
My weather data to Weather Underground was last uploaded on 04/01/2018 and it doesn't want to upload any more data. As you're reading this post it's obvious that my Internet connection is working okay so I'm not too sure where to look for the problem. If you're looking at some of my weather data on the Internet and it seems a bit out of date this is the reason why.


  1. I think Weather Underground is having some connection problems. I've been getting messages that my station is not linked and even some bad reports. The biggest laugh is the day that WU forecast snow showers for my area! I've made no changes so it's gotta be them. Problems self corrects after a few hours or days. hang in there.

    1. To fix grammar: Problems self correct

    2. Connection for live data seems okay at the moment but I can't upload the data for the days when it wouldn't connect. These things are sent to test us. Has the very cold weather got to you? Nothing unusual for January here.

    3. No, no cold weather here. But we are expecting our very first rain of the season. I'll believe that when I see it.


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