Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Warmest Day of the Year

Tuesday was the mildest day of the year reaching 13.8°C or 56.8°F.  It’s been windy overnight into Wednesday morning but I’m not sure if it’s storm Georgina or not. I'm not sure if named storms are supposed to bring exceptional weather or just run of the mill storms we get every winter. Certainly for us this wasn't anything out of the ordinary for January.
Temperature, Hi Wind Speeds and Rainfall Records for 22-23 January 2018
The last couple of days have been milder and we’ve made the best of the weather with a visit to RSPB Old Moor and an afternoon tidying up in the garden. As is usual on our visits to Old Moor the birds tended to keep out of photographic range.
These cormorants were just about at the limit of my camera's range. However, at the tree sparrow farm we had a bit more luck.
This particular sparrow couldn't have got much closer although I don't think he was aware of my presence. It was also a case of trying to get some pictures of a pair of reed buntings. They were alternating between perching on tree branches and then on a large seed feeder. A photo of them in the natural settings of the tree was the preferred option but they had no intention of making that easy.
I managed to capture the male but not his elusive female partner.

On Tuesday afternoon I started to tidy up our home greenhouse in readiness for seed sowing time which will be late March or the beginning of April.
Interestingly these sweet peppers which had been left on the plants were good enough to harvest. It's certainly fallen to below freezing in the greenhouse so I'm surprised they haven't rotted away or at least gone a little bit mouldy. A bit of a bonus crop you might say.


  1. The wind chill is counteracting the temperature rise here too.

    "Tree sparrow farm"???

    1. I had to check “tree sparrow farm “ on the RSPB web site. I thought that’s what it was called but didn’t think it seemed correct as I added it to my blog post.


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