Sunday, 31 December 2017

Epic Camera Battery Fail

Friday's snow didn't hang about for long as some slighter milder weather arrived and so by Saturday morning all the lying snow had disappeared. As it wasn't a bad morning we set off to do a little bit of train photography. Unusually for us this wasn't to capture a steam locomotive but instead a heritage diesel locomotive.
 LNER A4 Class 4-6-2 no 60009 Union of South Africa at Colton Junction with the Christmas White Rose on 20 December 2017
Last week we'd seen 60009 Union of South of South Africa heading up the East Coast Main Line which links London Kings Cross and Edinburgh Waverley station. Steam locomotives like this hauled the fast express trains such as "The Elizabethan" between these two stations in the heyday of steam power. These steam locomotives on the East Coast Main Line were replaced by "Deltics" which were diesel powered locomotives capable of hauling London to Scotland express trains at a sustained speed of 100mph. Some of these locomotives have survived into preservation and one of these D9009 Alycidon was hauling a charter train from York to Liverpool on Saturday.

We arrived at Colton Junction well before the train was due. I connected up my microphone to my camera and checked the battery. Three bars lit up, so I thought plenty of charge, especially as I didn't plan on much more than 5 minutes of video. D9009 Alycidon was approaching and I'd got the locomotive in view approaching my vantage point. Then the dreaded red battery indicator appeared and my camera turned itself off. 
D9009 Alycidon approaches Colton Junction 30 December 2017
The picture above is the last frame my camera captured. I watched as the train sped by on its way to Liverpool. There was nothing I could do. It's the first time I've ever had that happen to me. I've now got to work out whether the battery is capable of holding any reasonable amount of charge or if it just doesn’t talk to the camera correctly regarding the amount of charge it holds. 

Perhaps I'll have better luck on 16 June 2018 when D9009 Alycidon's next charter train from Newcastle to London is planned.


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