Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Good Job It's Fallen as Rain!

The forecast for the last few days has suggested we'd get lots of snow showers. At times that has been true but most of the time the showers have fallen as rain, with some hail and snow mixed in for good measure.
Temperature & Rainfall Records 15-17 January 2018
We've had 17.2mm (0.68in) of rainfall, all falling as showers, over the last 3 days up to 10:00am on Wednesday 17, January which I would have thought added up to a decent snowfall had it indeed fallen as snow as was forecast.

Wednesday morning has started with more showers and windy. I've just filled up the bird feeders in the garden and it feels bitterly cold outside in the strong wind and rain.
Temperature & Wind Chill Records 15-17 January 2018
As you can observe from my weather station data, taking in the wind chill factor makes it feel more like 0°C (32°F) rather than the actual recorded temperature of 3.5°C or 38.3°F.

I'm struggling for outdoor photos today but inside our hibiscus, which spent summer in the summerhouse, continues to flower on an indoor window ledge. It's just a pity that the flowers only last for a day.


  1. Did you get any snow with this latest storm (Thursday, January 18)?

    1. No we missed the snow and gale force winds associated with the storm which caused damage elsewhere. Blog post to follow.


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