Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Didn't Miss Storm Eleanor

We might have missed most of the snow that arrived over the last few weeks but we didn't miss storm Eleanor as she blew through.
Temperature and High Wind Speed Records for 01-03 January 2018
Wind gusts peaked at 30mph overnight which isn't all that unusual for storms in January. We don't seem to have any damage in the garden.
The birds might have to make do with seed on the bird table this morning as the hanging feeders are being blown about rather dramatically in the wind. Some fancy aerobatics will be required to land on the feeders. In anticipation of this year's winter storms I took the precaution of adding some extra ballast to the base of the bird table.
It seems to have worked as normally winds of 30mph would result in the bird table falling over into the rhododendron bush.
In the past even strong winds in summer would topple it.


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