Thursday, 4 January 2018

Mild and Windy Start to January - Will It Last?

The first few days of the year have been on the mild side for January but it's also been dull and damp. 
The last time I looked the computer weather models didn't seem to agree on next week's weather. They agreed it will be cooler at the weekend but then disagree on what might occur through next week. Either we'll get a milder option with weather coming in on a westerly breeze off the Atlantic or a cold easterly breeze from continental Europe. 

I've finished sorting out last year's weather data and included a few tables below comparing December's temperature and rainfall records for the last few year's. The temperature in December was a little below average and it was on the dry side too. I've also included some tables giving yearly comparisons of the same records. The year finished up milder and drier than average.
The table below summarises the yearly wind speeds. Although my method probably isn't scientifically correct I think it gives an idea of how windy each year has been. I'd say 2017 turned out to be about average. 
Now I've got to set up the tables for 2018!


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