Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Wouldn't You Know It!

Tuesday turned out to be a wet day. The rain began around breakfast time, continued into the evening and through into the early hours of Wednesday morning. We didn't have a massive amount of rain it was just steady all day long. The total rainfall for Tuesday came to 15.2mm (0.60in) making it our second wettest day of the year. The wettest day of the year remains 28 June when we had 21.2mm (0.83in) of rainfall.
Temperature & Rainfall Records 07-09 August 2017
It was also on the cool side for August. It's a case of the maximum temperature shown by my weather station not telling the complete story as it reports the day's maximum temperature as 14.9°C (58.8°F), which indeed it was, but that was at 00:05 on Tuesday morning. The temperature fell as the night progressed and under dull and rainy skies during the daylight hours on Tuesday the temperature hovered around 13.5°C (56.3°F) mark. It's the coolest start we've had to August since 2010.

We'd visited the plot on Monday afternoon and thought it would be a good idea to lift our onions to help them dry off for storage through winter. Unfortunately, we've nowhere undercover to put our onions at the moment so Sue conjured up some makeshift frames to at least support the onions off the soil until we find somewhere more suitable for them.
As soon as we start to dry off our onions we get one of the wettest days we've had for a considerable time.


  1. The sungolds on the header look good.

    1. Well spotted Jane they are or were Sungold. We've eaten the header now.

  2. Now isn't that just so predictable! We've had our first three day window of dry weather for ages, but hindsight doesn't count. With Friday promised to be wet all day I won't be uprooting my onions until Saturday.

    1. We could really do to get them under cover. We only have the greenhouse and I think that they get damp in there and don't dry off properly. I might have to find space in the garage at home. Hope you have some good weather on Saturday.


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