Friday, 11 August 2017

Coolest Start To August

Thursday was a decent day with long sunny periods and for once the temperature made it up to average for the time of year at 21.8°C or 71.2°F. However, to compensate for this overnight, Thursday into Friday the temperature fell to just 8.1°C (46.6°F) the lowest I've recorded this early in August. 
Temperature Records 09-11 August 2017
The average temperature for the month at the 10 August 2017 stands at 15.6°C (60.1°F) which is the lowest, at this stage of the month, since I began keeping records in 2010.

In the greenhouse at home our tomatoes are ripening but only slowly about enough to keep us supplied with some for sandwiches at lunchtime.
Tomato - "Gardener's Delight"
Our main tomatoes are Gardener's Delight and Sungold, both cherry tomatoes, which we choose to grow because of their superb taste rather than quantity of fruit. I'm not sure whether they need a bit more sunshine or some slightly warmer temperatures to help them ripen a little bit quicker.


  1. Martyn, I added a new link to my blog. It shows new satellite images daily. At the moment I am looking at Ossett, it is in a dry place between clouds.,-1.557,8z,sat,am,2017-08-12

    But if you zoom out you can see there are masses of clouds to come! Goodbye summer!

    1. I think summer disappeared a few weeks ago now Jane. I think the jet stream is in the wrong place for us to have any good settled weather. It's too far south so we get all the Atlantic low pressure systems rather than high pressure which usually brings us better settled weather.


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