Monday, 21 August 2017

Tickled Pink

I must be getting accustomed to a cool August as Sunday didn't seem too bad temperature wise. We spent the afternoon pottering about at the allotment and in a bit of afternoon sunshine it was pleasantly warm. The temperature managed to climb up to 19.7°C (67.5°F) which is a little below what may expect. However, once again into the early hours of Monday morning the temperature fell to an unusually cool 8.9°C (48.0°F) giving a chilly start to the day.
Temperature Record for August 2017 Compared With Average For 2010-2016 
The pink line on the chart is the average high temperature based on 2010-2016 records and you can see how the temperature this year has struggled.

One of the windfall apples that I picked up over the weekend was one called "Tickled Pink". We planted this tree a few years ago (2012) and initially tried growing it in a container. That wasn't at all successful and the tree was moved to the allotment and planted alongside our "Egremont Russett". At the time I wasn't even sure that the tree would survive. It's taken a couple of years but the tree has recovered and this is the first year it's gone on to flower and produce some fruit. It's claimed that the flesh of the apple in a pinky red colour through to the core which is why we chose this apple as it offered something a bit out of the ordinary.
As you can see "Tickled Pink" has very attractive flowers much pinker than most apple blossom. 

Having collected the windfall "Tickled Pink" apple we thought we should cut it in half to see if it was tinged pinky-red through to the core. The video below records the event.

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  1. Good luck on the new apple variety! The flower do look like Sakura flower! ;)


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