Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Settled, Unsettled Weather

Our current pattern of weather is usually described as unsettled in weather forecasting terminology. It's usually when conditions are such that low pressure weather systems dominate bringing bands of rain and wind in from the Atlantic Ocean.
Rainfall & Temperature Records 01-07 August 2017
As you can see from the temperatures above, our high temperature each day has been remarkably consistent, around the 20°C (68°F) mark, a little below average for early August. So unsettled weather can be settled in some respects. 

On the allotment we've been harvesting some delicious Oullins Gage plums but I think I harvested the last ones on Monday.
Plum "Oullins Gage"
Their cropping season seems to be over in just a few days. The first few plums were picked on 27th July and the last on Monday 07th August. However, we did have a bit of a bumper crop, even if it was short lived, so lots of the 21kg (45lb) we picked are in the freezer for using through winter.

Our Victoria plums provide a follow up crop but they don't seem to be enjoying the weather conditions. Some are rotting on the tree before they have time to ripen.
Plum "Victoria"
The tree is overloaded with fruit so I'm hoping that some of the other branches that are bending under the weight of plums will have some fruit that manages to ripen.
Plum "Victoria"
They'll be a week or so yet before they're ready for picking. Perhaps an improvement in the weather would speed up that ripening process.

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