Sunday, 20 August 2017


Saturday wasn't the best of days considering it's the middle of August. It was a cool and breezy day with a few very light showers. Despite some sunny spells it felt cool down on the plot. I thought a visit was required to check our tomatoes were okay for water in the greenhouse otherwise I might have not bothered visiting.
Temperature & Wind Speed Records for 19 August 2017
It's difficult to visit the plot at the moment and not do a little bit of harvesting. Saturday afternoon wasn't any different and, once I'd watered the tomatoes, I had time to pick some runner beans - Lady Di - as well as some climbing French beans - Cobra. Sue picked more sweet peas and some of the edible variety too.

The strong breeze had brought a few apples and pears down off the trees. There didn't seem any point leaving them for the slugs and snails so they were collected in a bucket and brought home. There might be a little bit of wastage on them but I'm sure I'll find some pieces of edible fruit.
One of the windfall apples is a variety called "Tickled Pink", which has a few fruits for the first time this year, and it is supposed to have flesh tinged pink from the outer skin to the core of the apple. Watch this space for news!

Now if only we could get a bit of decent weather a bit more like August that would be good. The forecast doesn't suggest that's going to happen.


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