Sunday, 27 August 2017

Too Much To Bear!

The last few days haven't been too bad and August's having a late attempt to make up for the poor cool start to the month. It hasn't been hot by any stretch of the imagination but it's been warmer by day and by night and it's probably done enough to avoid the tag of the coldest August I've recorded.

On the plot we've got some damage limitation jobs to undertake on some of our fruit trees. 

Firstly a branch of our small pear tree Invincible has broken. It's certainly got lots of pears and they're a decent size too.
It's difficult to photograph all the pears as the branch is now upside down after breaking, hiding most of the pears. Hopefully, as the branch hasn't broken off completely the pears will go on to ripen and then I think the branch will have to be cut back to the main trunk of the tree. As it's only a small tree that shouldn't be too difficult a job once the pears have been picked. 

Secondly, our Egremont Russet apple tree has broken the tie that holds it to an upright post and the tree is now resting on the ground.
It looks as though it should be easy to just pull the tree back upright and re-attach it to the post. We tried and the tree didn't really want to straighten up. All the fruit makes the tree very heavy so a temporary fix may be required to keep the apples off the ground and a permanent solution sorted out once all the fruit is picked.

Finally, a branch of our Marjorie's Seedling plum tree has also snapped again due to the weight of plums it is carrying.
This is a much larger tree and with the tree in full leaf and loaded with plums it's difficult to see exactly where the branch has broken. The leaves on the broken branch are still green and the plums look to be continuing to ripen so for the moment I'll do nothing and hope that the fruit fully ripens. Then once all the fruit is picked I'll have to see exactly where the branch has broken and do a bit of tidying up.


  1. Wow! The trees are really full loaded with fruits! Hope all of them ripe well for you to harvest! ;)

    1. I think the trees will be glad when we start picking the fruit!


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