Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Who Eats All the Sunflower Hearts?

Tuesday was forecast to be the warmest day this month but it didn't quite live up to expectation. It managed to reach 22.7°C or 72.9°F. This wasn't enough to beat 23.9°C (75.0°F) on 17 August which still remains our warmest day of the month. Thanks to the much milder conditions arriving in the early hours of Tuesday morning the average temperature was the highest for the month at 18.9°C (66.0°F) as for once we avoided a chilly overnight temperature.
Temperature & Solar Radiation Records 17-23 August 2017
I sometimes wonder which birds devour the sunflower hearts in the feeder hanging in our magnolia tree. At this time of year it needs a refill every morning. Usually, every last seed has been eaten.

I've seen a few young goldfinches happily enjoying the sunflower hearts but I couldn't figure out how a few young goldfinches were managing to eat all the seeds each day.
Sue managed to capture this photo one afternoon which goes somewhere to explain where the seeds go. There were more goldfinches perched in the magnolia tree waiting their turn on the feeder. The whole family had turned up to enjoy our sunflower hearts.


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